Cash Money

Today I was driving home from a friend’s house and I passed by my old church, which I attended for about 7 years. The church itself is less than 15 years old. As I drove by, I couldn’t help but notice the orange cones blocking the entrance and the newly paved parking lot.

I’ve recently driven through this church’s parking lot, before this new pave job, and I have to tell you, it was slightly bumping but completely driveable. My question is, how much does it cost to repave a church parking lot? And I ask this because in the Old Testament believers are taught to give a tithe, or 1/10 of their earnings/first fruits. First fruits meaning, you give 10 percent before taxes get taken out. The reason God told his people to give this money to the church was because the church was responsible for distributing it to the people who were in need, and ultimately making the call as to what to do with the money.

In the past couple years, my friend Charlie pointed out that giving 1/10 is a law of the Old Testament and is one of the only laws that isn’t mentioned in the New Testament that we Christians still pay a lot of attention to. In fact, in the NewTestament, Jesus never says give 1/10, he says be generous with your money.

Since the summer began I have been putting aside 1/10 of my money and haven’t done anything with it yet. I continue to put this money aside because I think it helps keep me in check. But, I’m not sure I will give the money to the church.

All the money that I sacrifice to God and put aside, do I really want it to be spent on a parking lot? Let’s ask a question: Will that parking lot glorify God? Will that parking lot bring the Kingdom to Earth? Will the parking lot bring someone to know Jesus? If the answer to one of these questions is yes, then I support the parking lot.

But, if not, then I will like to say I would rather drive through a bumpy, uncomfortable parking lot every Sunday as a reminder that those thousands of dollars went to help build someone a house or give someone some food or somehow relay the message of the gospel.

But, if it’s built just for convenience…then I might as well just use my money to buy myself a cd player that plays cds as well as my ipod, because I’ve always wanted one of those.


3 responses to “Cash Money

  1. dancergyrl4eva

    I totally agree… so I could go on and on about my church and the things I don’t like but I’ll just name the one thing that I think irks me the most… they make videos for the church announcements every week… not only is it unneccessary… its a big waste of money… and they didn’t support me @ all last year for my mission trip… I didn’t even get half the money I gave in tithes for the year… I didn’t understand and still don’t understand church priorities..

  2. The newly-famous Charlie who is holla'ed in this debut blog

    You could argue, quite easily, that Jesus calls us to give far more than 10%, at least to the modern Western Christian, Wal-Mart shopping world. I am totally with you – churches have become so bureacratic much of your money goes to secretaries and lighting systems and Taylor guitars and not the renewing of creation and the caring of the world. However one thing to keep in mind in giving to the church is our definition of the church – is it the place we park our cars Sunday morning or is it any Christians numbering more than two? Who is being the church? Its Compassion International, its the International Justice Mission, its World Vision, its Mission Year.

  3. Well, for the sake of arguement… a new parking lot could bring someone to Jesus… a well maintained church and church yard is more appealing to the general public than a pothole ridden one… and the answer to all the questions you asked regarding the parking lot would have to be yes or else you would be limiting God’s power…

    although i would say that i tend to agree with you, i would rather my money gets used for those in need than an upgraded parking lot… did you know that you can request a budget from the church to see where exactly they are spending money and the percentages and all that… most churches will also let you make a donation for a particular budget item – the office staff or pastor should be able to tell you all that.

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