Your Mom (jokes): 60% of the time, (they) work everytime

I love “your mom” jokes. Why? Glad (you) asked.

1. it’s a response to everything.
2. it’s on the tip of your tongue already, so when you have nothing else to say, it’s ready and waiting (like…)
3. it’s funny every time. even if no one laughs…we all know it’s funny.
4. it’s appropriate. your mom isn’t my mom, it’s not really your mom. she’s the all-singing, all-dancing mom of the world, capable of anything….and its hilarious to talk about.

Until recently I thought that “your mom” could not be beaten or rebut. Yesterday was the last day I held that belief. Yesterday, my world changed and so was hers.

XCbillygoat : so where did you hear that?
: i think your mom told me actually.
: and even so I think it would still be a lot harder to find jobs over there from here
XCbillygoat : thats cool, was it while you guys were having hot lesbian sex last night?
perky1121 : no
perky1121 : no it wasn’t
XCbillygoat : good



3 responses to “Your Mom (jokes): 60% of the time, (they) work everytime

  1. I know I said this to you on im but I wanted to make it official LOL
    Who is this billygoat person… I think He/She is my hero

    I must say… your mom jokes used to get on my nerves… they still might depending on my mood BUT now everytime I hear one I’ll think of this so that’ll help make it funny for me again…

    billygoat has so redeemed your mom for me… so here’s to billygoat… and of course Your mom! šŸ˜‰ LOL

  2. Your mom and I talk every day on the phone. I think it’s getting serious. Any advice?

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