I should be more like Pippen and Arwen.

I’m house sitting this week and the family has 2 dogs. They follow me everywhere. If I walk outside, they rush to the door because they want to come. If I sneak out, one of them will realize it and they will be both pant and bark at the door until I let them come where I am. So why would they want to follow me? I’m not even their master, in fact, they’ve only met me once before.

I think its because they understand that I’m taking care of them. I’m the one that will provide them with food and water and housing. They kind of remind me of how I should be following Jesus. I should understand that Jesus is my provider and only wants to take care of me…and trust him that wherever he is, that’s where I should be. And when it seems like I’ve lost sight of him, I need to try to find him and wait at a door until he opens it for me.


I enjoy finding spiritual illustrations in my everyday life. Sometimes in illustrations, it’s easy to think of ways that the illustration doesn’t exactly fit because of other factors. I’ve decided to list those, so there is no confusion. The following are ways that this illustration does NOT work.

1. I don’t have the animals’ best interest at heart. I’m really just doing my job, which is to feed them. If one of them started choking or something, i would just stare at it without any idea how to help.

2. I’m getting paid?

3. They’re dogs.

Just thought I’d clarify.


One response to “I should be more like Pippen and Arwen.

  1. Kool… yeah I like getting those everyday lessons about spirituality too… this is a great one too 🙂

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