Happiness Is…

My favorite thing in the world is ice cream. Due to raising costs of food overall, and dairy products, there is now a difference in the price of ice cream.

It’s straight up sky rocketing.

Once, a soft cone used to cost $1.50, now try $2.20 and up. Forget hard ice cream. It’s hard to find a cone starting under $3. This is unacceptable and really upsetting. What’s the solution? Should I sacrifice what I love for the sake of a few Benjamin’s? Or just skip going to refreshing, wonderful creamery’s all together and eat in? This is quite the atrocity.


3 responses to “Happiness Is…

  1. you could always get an ice cream maker and make your own ice cream

  2. btw… in reference to your former comment on my page… “tough cookies if you don’t like beaches because that’s the only place you can talk to God” LOL

  3. Happiness is….

    that reminds me of that Peanuts calendar for whatever year they did that =)

    and i think maybe the world is telling you that you don’t need as much ice cream as you seem to want to eat. oh wait, i think that was me. my bad.

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