What’s so “smart” about it?

Smart Cars. What’s with all the hype? Yes, it looks like it would get amazing gas mileage because its the size of a box. It can only hold two riders, but it looks super trendy and green friendly. What’s the real story?

The “smart” car only gets 33mpg. My car, a VW Jetta which carries five riders, gets 31mpg. So that means if I take three people with me, I’m saving more gas than the “Smart” Car. ’91 Honda Civics get 45/50mpg…obviously the auto companies are aware of how to make extremely gas efficient vehicles and choose not to.

I think the Smart Car is a scam. It’s set up to look super eco-friendly and green, but in reality, for it size, I think it gets poor gas mileage. Many spacious 4-door Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic models get 36mph, 3mph more than the “smart” car with more than double the room inside.

So what’s so smart about this ugly little car, with no room and above-average gas mileage? Someone tell me, ’cause I have yet to figure it out.


3 responses to “What’s so “smart” about it?

  1. The features silly.. its all about the inside of the car… No one cares about the mileage or that if you get into an accident you’re dead… or how asthetically pleasing it is… it’s all about how you can fit anywhere… do cool tricks (like spin around itself) and practically go to sleep @ the wheel cuz the car can drive itself 😉

    I’m totally getting you one for christmas.. I’m sure you’ll change your mind then

  2. I’m testing out something and I had to do it on your blog so your ratings could go up LOL because I’m just that awesome LOL

  3. oh… and if you’d like to know what I was testing (it worked) and how to do it (you definitely want to know) you’re going to have to just ask in my comment box LOL 🙂

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