I just stumbled upon the funniest website and I have to share its contents although its probably illegal for me to do it this way.

I think motivational posters are weak and completely corny, and obviously, I am not alone. These are taken straight from I would highly recommend checking it out. If you are a huge fan of motivational posters, there is a good chance you will be offended by the following pictures. If that is the case, (in line with the attitude of this website) lighten up, everyone’s got a different opinion and yours is not special.

“If You Can’t Learn To Do Something Well, Learn to Enjoy Doing It Poorly.”

“Not Everyone Gets To Be An Astronaut When They Grow Up.”

…and to sum it all up

“If a Pretty Poster and a Cute Saying Are All it Takes to Motivate You, You Probably Have a Very Easy Job The Kind Robots Will Be Doing Soon.”


4 responses to “De-Motivators

  1. Hahahaha yeah these are good…

  2. You might like this one, too:

  3. Oh my goodness…. that was the most hilarious website ever!!! LOL… Is this Ri’chard?? If so how come not commenting on my blog??? LOL

  4. how have you never heard of before now… best website ever… i have 2 posters chillin in my office now and the calendar… =P

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