Hair (a blast from the past)

Today I’ve decided to publish one of my favorite Xanga posts of all time, from back in the day. It’s about hair.



Hair is beautiful and nasty.

If a girl has a nice head of hair, everyone goes…beautiful hair. But the second it is disconnected from her head, people are like, ew, that’s gross. Why? It doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

Plus: society tells us it is NOT okay for girls to have hair on their legs. My question is, again, why? How come a guy has hair on his legs and girls could care less, but if a girl forgets to shave, it’s like eww!! It’s the same stuff growing out of your head and arms! Heck, this hair is even connected to your body, so what’s the deal?

What’s even worse is when another girl is grossed out when another girl doesn’t shave. Why argue it? You KNOW shaving your legs suck, just let it go.

I’ll tell you what, I hate shaving, I think it sucks. I think we should start a revolution and all girls should stop shaving their legs. In other parts of the world, it is culturally acceptable for female to have unshaven legs, why not here? Guys there don’t think its gross.

So my message is..:Men and women, stop being a product of society. Why? Cuz why should you trust society anyway? What has society ever done for you to earn its trust?


4 responses to “Hair (a blast from the past)

  1. i also consider this… i do not have a problem with MY hair, whether it be on my head, in my brush, or everywhere as is the trend. now when it comes to OTHER people’s hair, um, GROSS. it’s like this, “i have no idea where that’s been” kind of mentality. i know that mine is clean, but is someone else’s? and eww gross their hair is on my floor. um, i had no problem with it being mine. what’s the deal? haha.

    i do agree about shaving. but when i do, i rather enjoy smooth legs when i cross them, no lie. and if you have a boyfriend at any time, he does appreciate it, loads. and he does just for the feeling, not always necessarily because he thinks it’s gross to not shave. it’s more about that smooth texture that’s sooooo nice =) hehe.

    and yea, screw society.

  2. Speaking strictly from a biological standpoint (as opposed to a cultural one), do girls grow hair on their legs as fast as guys do?

    I don’t ask that facetiously. I’m genuinely curious.

  3. Thanks for answering my question. In partial response to your post, perhaps it’s because society (i.e., male power structures, in particular) have dictated that to be the requirement. As the “dominant” gender, men (it seems) have considerable influence in defining what’s acceptable practice among women, on account of the notion that we’re generally the ones who exercise the power to choose who to marry, and therefore we tend to say, whether explicitly or implicitly, “Look, if us guys are going to marry you women, you had better abide by these social rules.” Pretty arbitrary and kinda awful, I know. I’m not saying that’s the whole explanation, but I think it’s part of it. Maybe this isn’t as much a power struggle as it used to be, though, the more that women gain the same level of rights and independence as men.

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