Music LIES

Average everyday conversation:

me: “What kind of music do you like”

liar: “everything”

You’ve heard this response before. Maybe this is even your response to this question. You know, if that’s you, you’re a liar. You wanna know why? because chances are, you don’t like EVERY kind of music. Chances are you probably dislike one of the following music genres: country, jazz, blue grass, rap, hip hop, pop, popular, indie, emo, ska, big band, punk, classic rock…just to name a few.

So next time someone says, “Hey, what kind of music do you listen to”. Don’t lie to yourself and your friends, instead simply respond, “I enjoy classic rock and popular music. And you?”


4 responses to “Music LIES

  1. I usually say anything but country… I probably have more that I don’t like… LOL… like I prolly would like certain songs out of a genre but that the whole thing… I pretty much mainly on listen to christian and gospel anyway… with the occasional R&B mixed in there…

    When are you going to fix your blogroll? Lol

  2. The kids are pretty good… The family is christian… I didn’t get that the first time I went there… but they have tons of veggie tale movies and she has a great book collection for me to read… I might start reading this one book about grace… The 4 year old is a typical 4 year old… cries when he doesn’t get his way but all in all they’re pretty good… The 6 year old is super smart and is content in doing whatever… today I worked major overtime (3 hours) but it wasn’t bad because the kids stayed outside the whole day after sleeping in late which is always a major plus Lol and that’s $24 extra on the day… and I found out the mom is pregnant which is cool… they were talking about moving within the next year but now with her being pregnant their plans will probably change and they’ll probably stay meaning I might get to take care of their baby which would be superduper exciting for me! Lol… I have more interactions with the dad than the mom so we talk more… he’s super cool… I’m sure she is too I just don’t know her very well enough yet

  3. Oh and btw I can fix it for you if you want

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