Men, take notes

Men: Let’s say you like a waitress, you think she’s cute or something and you want to give her your number. Here’s some advice, if you want her to call you back, leave her more than a $2 tip. Leaving her a $2 tip along with your phone number says nothing good about you. In fact, it says one of two things or perhaps both:
1) You are cheap
2) You are broke.
Neither of those two things will convince her that you are someone she would like to have dinner with. Besides, if she did call you and the both of you went to dinner, she knows she would end up providing half the tip anyway because you obviously have no clue that that’s what servers live off of. That’s all, thanks.

P.S. I quit my job at Canterbury. More details to follow.


One response to “Men, take notes

  1. Ah, crap. I knew I did something wrong.

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