Life Update Numero Uno

These are my official plans for my first year of my post-college life (subject to change, of course)

I got 2 jobs on the same day.
1) I’ll be working at an “inter-faith campus minister” at Penn State Schuylkill campus is Schuylkill Haven (about a 40-minute drive). This is part time, about 10-15 hours a week. I’ll be organizing a faith fair, helping students get rides to their places of worship, and helping out with their Christian Fellowship on campus. I will also be working part time for an unknown amount of hours at Penn State attending their campus programming events such as comedians, bands, trips possibly, etc as another part time gig there because they need additional event staffing.

The number of hours at Penn State is kind of unknown because my boss is having a meeting with his boss this week to find out exactly how many hours they can pay me for. Either way, I’m really excited to be working for Penn State! I’ll have some great experience under my belt working for Penn State, and have my foot in the door there.

2) I’ll be working at Sweet Streets as their Marketing Mail Coordinator about 20 hours a week located on 5th Street Hwy. I was interviewed by their Manager of Marketing and she almost didn’t hire me because she said I was too overqualified for the position but they didn’t have any openings on their marketing team at the moment. She did say she would be sure to look at me when a position opens up.

I’m pretty excited because I think both jobs could lead to great opportunities within both companies. While I’m working, I will also be getting involved with my sweet church Koinos, hanging out with friends, hopefully visiting friends at YCP and living at home.
So far, post-college life isn’t that bad, in fact I’m determined to make it a good time:)


3 responses to “Life Update Numero Uno

  1. That’s all majorly exciting I must say… and I’m excited for you!

  2. You’re right I should tell them…
    My brother and sister are 8 and 7… they don’t even know how to use the computer…
    You know who calls me who I shouldn’t be talking to…

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