The only thing more annoying than high gas prices…

is hearing talk about high gas prices. Every car commercial on the radio, every soft news article and every thought of mine as I pas a gas station is focused on the same darn thing. I’ve read lots of articles and this is what I’ve found to be true as well as the information that I feel is straight up unnecessary lies.

Actual, real live ways to increase your gas mileage…
a – Check air filter (consider a high mileage a filter)
b – Use better oil
c – Use a Fuel system cleaner
d – Fill up your tires with air

Gas Lies that I hear over and over again…

“Do not speed; driving more than 60mph decreases your mileage.”
So this makes sense at first. Drive slower, get better mileage, thus save gas. BUT if you drive faster…you get to your destination faster…which means your car is running for less time, which uses gas. So wouldn’t they equal each other out? If I drive 5mph faster but drive for 5min less time to get there….?

“Don’t idle your car. When Idling your car gets 0mph.”
That phrase that says when your car is stopped you get 0mph is the stupidest phrase I’ve ever heard. It tells you absolutely nothing about how much gas your car is using. It basically just says that you aren’t going anyway…duh. If you ever go to a website that says that, simply turn away, the person who wrote the article is a moron.

And if you want to know, my next car will not be a gasoline-only car. I’m sick of those greedy oil people, whoever they are. I will not be a slave to their prices my whole life. I will buy a car that runs off a battery or alternative energy and hopefully as little gasoline as possible. Feel free to hold me to this, I’m 100% serious. There are plenty of them out there…Here are some examples if you’re interested:

Aptera Hybrid
Water Car
Mitsubishi’s Electric Car
5 Electric Cars You Can Buy Now
Chevy Volt


2 responses to “The only thing more annoying than high gas prices…

  1. I have actually been in one of those cars and I have to say… 1) they’re pretty sweet and 2) it would seem like your kind of car…

    Don’t you worry your pretty little head off… I’ll definitely hold you to that… even if I lose the argument because you’re always right and will do what you want anyway LOL

  2. Wow, thanks for the invite. The website looks great. I might be going to church in Reading with my cousin this Sunday, but I’ll definitely let you know if I decide to show up at Koinos.

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