Do something refreshing…

tear off that Jesus fish. When I got my new-to-me Jetta, I didn’t add a Jesus fish like I had on previous vehicle. I will say, my Jesus fish was awesome.

I thought it was pretty, but it really got my nerves. Anytime I pulled out on someone, or cut someone off, I was representing Jesus. Sometimes you just don’t see that person creeping up in your blind spot or you’ve been sitting for like 2 minutes waiting to pull out and you take an opening. It’s like being online…things are misconstrued…people don’t know what you’re thinking. And sometimes, you are generally being mean to people on the road. Is it necessary to also proclaim your faith simultaneously?

Not adding a Jesus fish to my car was one of the most refreshing activities I’ve experienced. Unless you’re a perfect driver, I’d say taking the fish off is the best thing you can do. Proclaim your faith in person. Don’t do evangelism and drive.


3 responses to “Do something refreshing…

  1. Such a great post! I completely agree! For the same reasons, I occasionally cringe while driving the church van…

  2. Lol… My mother could NEVER drive while having a jesus fish or anything on her car… its bad enough when she’s driving to church… Lol

  3. Good post!

    Are you serious about the Office parties?! That sounds like the best thing in the world! I will definitely be checking that out. The Office is my favorite show, hands down. Nothing can touch it.

    The church was nice. I don’t know the official name, but it’s a Dove Ministries church that meets in the building that says “Reading Farmer’s Market” in inner-city Reading. Very multicultural congregation with mixed ages. I might go back again. I love different church experiences, but eventually I’m hoping to find a home that fits well too.

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