Two things that crack me up…

1. People who make illegal turns and use their turn signals. You know, (do not turn left here) so you make a left-hand turn. Instead of appearing conspicuous and waiting until the last second to make the move…what do people do? They put on their turn signal – they basically advertise that they are about to break the law. Is it like a challenge or something? They want a cop to drive by so they can outwardly defy them? I don’t think that’s very smart…

2. People who wear their sunglasses indoors. Honestly, I see this happen almost everyday. Someone will walk into a room, and wait like 5-10 minutes before taking their sunglasses off. This person just wants you to see how ridiculously goodlooking they think they are with their shades on. Try this: “Um…Jack, do you realize you still have your sunglasses on? We are indoors”. See what they say. And then there are the people who wear their sunglasses at night, but these people are just stupid, and putting it on display. Do not associate with these people at all. It will just bring down your own cool non-sunglass-wearing-indoors-or-at-night-self. Trust me.


4 responses to “Two things that crack me up…

  1. um… My friend Corey Hart has worn his sunglasses at night since 1984. Like Corey says “Don’t switch the blade on the guy in the shades, oh no, don’t masquerade with the guy in the shades, oh no”.

  2. Yes, I did have that song in mind when I wrote that post. I still think Corey looks stupid.

  3. totally agree. mainly with the second one. like, what are you, the center of the world? oh wait, maybe you think you are! the first one, well, there’s stupid people everywhere, and these things will happen. i learn to chuckle and embrace them, haha.

  4. I had a friend who did this. We were at a party, it was about 1 in the morning, and someone asked her, “Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?” “Because the sun never sets on a bad ass,” she replied.

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