Today I watched Dane Cook, the Vicious Circle. After the show was over, we watched the “Behind the Scenes” thing-a-ma-bobber where someone interviews Dane Cook and he talked about how he wasn’t nervous to do the biggest show of his life. You can just tell by the smirk on his face when he’s up there on his round stage, and the way he laughs at his own jokes, that he thinks he is something special.

It’s really no wonder celebrities are so full of themselves. I think we all have thought about what we would do if we met a celebrity. What cool and unique question could we ask that they would think we were cool so that they would ask us for our number? Then we could be friends with a celebrity; and we would be super cool. When ANYONE talks to a celebrity, it immediately becomes about the celebrity. You meet Dane Cook, what are you two going to talk about? About Dane: about his favorite kind of fish, the last song he played on iPod or what type of cologne he uses. He is SO used to talking about himself. And let’s be honest, it’s super fun to talk about yourself. And lucky for celebrities, that’s all they do, and that’s all anyone wants them to do. Is it really any wonder why most of them are so incredibly self-centered.

At their concerts/shows fans straight up worship celebrities. Dane Cook tells a girl to flash the audience because its her birthday, so she does. Dane Cook tells two girls to make out, they make out immediately. It makes me sick*. Honestly. I can’t enjoy some concerts because the lead singer just does these like little moves; and you know he thinks he is a god up there. And he is. It’s the same reason I can’t date a guy or give attention to a guy that gets lots of girls. They think they so great that can get any girl. It just makes me want them to want me so I can reject them in front of all of their friends. Does anyone else feel this way? lol.


*this also makes me sick because I abhor when girls make out with each other. In fact, I don’t think anything else in the entire world pisses me off more than this. It’s one thing if the girls are actually gay and doing it in the privacy of their own house. Fine. It’s another thing when two girls who are not gay, make out in front of guys to show off. I honestly think its the most pathetic scream for attention I’ve ever seen. It disgusts me. It is the reason that women are so disrespected and often treated like trash. Because sometimes, we act like it, and it is then thought of our entire sex. Feel free to argue with me, I will still think you are wrong.


One response to “Celebrities

  1. *Fans Angela* Wow… you cool??? Lol… though I’m not as passionately heated as you are on this subject I am in total agreeance (sp? word?) with you.

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