You are what you eat

This is an insert from a book I’m reading put out by Bragg called “Water: The Shocking Truth”. It talks about how our body deals with a lack of nutrition.

Never in the entire history of the world have so many drugs been used by people under thirty! Why do young people turn to drugs to keep them going? Just take a look at the “junk” and “trash” they eat – that tells the sad story! They do not derive enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals from their daily diet! In their ignorance, they try to gain energy by using harmful stimulants such as coffee, sugared drinks, tobacco, alcohol and drugs….

A healthy, energetic body and an alert, keen, healthy mind make it possible for human beings to cope with and bear the frustrations, worries, cares, tensions and stresses of life and yet enjoy life and the joys of the world.

Good food for thought.


3 responses to “You are what you eat

  1. Yes, Shocking…

    Now pass me the Twinkees and a Pepsi.

  2. Charles the Regular

    well technically if someone is looking to alcohol for energy, their an idiot, because its a depressant.

  3. how true this is…

    and apparently, i’m cake and yummy goodies if i am what i eat đŸ˜€ haha.

    really though, it needs to change. i’ve been working on it which is good, but working at a mall sure doesn’t help….

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