Boi oh Boi

Boi is not a word. Boy is a word. Just in case you were curious…

Sorry I haven’t been writing…I guess I haven’t had many intelligent thoughts to share as of late. I have been thinking a lot about water recently.

I think I want to switch to distilled water, which is completely 100% purified water. The tap, well, city water you and I consume right now is filled with chemicals, medication backwash and toxins that cause disease and abnormal affects on our bodies (never mind I just took the last gulp of my Pepsi). I am worried about how it all affects us. “The Truth About Water” by Bragg was the defining piece of information that is dragging me from my previous water-drinking habits.  It is also tempting me to eat organic and stop drinking soda and eat crappy food – but I just love dessert and soda, so that may be a long journey.

On the dessert topic, I work at Sweet Streets and my favorite thing in the WORLD is chocolate and peanut butter. We have a dessert called Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack Pie… you  may have seen it at Starbucks. The girls in the office know I LOVE this stack pie and the other day…I found 2 trays of it in my inbox. I feel so loved:)

And there is only one thing better than PB stack pie….Chocolate PB pie with Reese’s!!!!!!!!!

I might just have found my calling.
Sweet Street Desserts


2 responses to “Boi oh Boi

  1. Dang… you need to send those desserts over to our Barnes & Noble cafe. The only peanut butter thing we have is cookies, and they’re not that great.

  2. I was going to say something but as usual when I got to typing I had no idea what it was…. But I will say that water is good… I drink like 3 bottles a day

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