Voting Age


I talked to some guy today at Penn State. I asked him if he was following the election, he replied “not really”. I asked him if he planned on voting, he said “yeah, I’m voting for Obama…because he’s black. I want to say I voted for the first black president”.

Really? Then I said to him, “well what is Obama is horrible, worse than Bush and runs our entire country into the ground?” (just playing devil’s advocate). And seriously, the kid looked at me like he never considered that before. I told him to read up on the issues and make an educated decision.

Honestly, I don’t think kids should be allowed to vote until 21, I’ve just decided. We push and push college students to vote. We stress it so much, it’s the most important thing in the whole world. Guess what, the kids are voting – the plan worked. One problem -they  have no idea who they are voting for. We could let Hitler run for president and if he speaks fluent German and no English, college students might just be prone to vote for him. After all, he’d be our first non-english speaking president. I want to say I voted for him!


3 responses to “Voting Age

  1. i agree… 18 is a bit too young. although, i do know some 16 year olds that know more about politics and who they are voting for than i do. but still, on average, stupidity runs deep. but that’s for everyone in my opinion. people are ignorant and don’t care. it’s frustrating.

  2. Sad. Very sad.

    And hey, you should pop over for a latte sometime, since you’re right across the street!

  3. I’ve been working all daytime shifts, so if you’ve come in during the evening, I’ve probably just left.

    I’ve also been scheduled to work on Thursday night, which is really perturbing me since it’s Office premiere night! I might have to tape it at home and then hit up Gravity the next week.

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