Reading, PA (the up and coming city!)

So in case you haven’t heard, the Today Show listed Reading Pa (or Berks County)as an “up and coming” place. Here is the article if you are interested:

A lot of people think Berks County is super lame-o but I would have to disagree. Yes, we don’t have a beach but we are about 2 hours from the beach while most counties aren’t nearly as close to a coast as we are. We also have some pretty cool places, I must are a few:

  • Cabellas – there aren’t many of these and people travel from all over to come to ours
  • Captain’s Cove – it’s a new bar in Reading that’s the nicest bar I’ve basically ever been to
  • IMAX theatre – c’mon, how many non huge cities have one of these?

We are:

  • 1 hour from the mountains
  • 2 hours from the beach
  • 1 hour from Philly
  • 2 hours from NYC
  • 2.5 hours from Baltimore

We have lots of local places – which are my favorite including:

  • Haute Chocolate in W. Reading – truly one of a kind
  • Gravity Bookstore – what can I say? I think this place is super cool
  • Koinos Community Church – the best church ever!

We also have Radio 104.5 – my favorite radio station in the entire world. I couldn’t ask for a better mix of music.

The only thing, in my eyes, we are lacking is Sonic. Where oh where is our Sonic????

*Post update: Sonic is coming soon. It will be located on Perkiomen Ave in the new shopping center, along with the third Target in the county.


5 responses to “Reading, PA (the up and coming city!)

  1. There’s a Sonic in Morgantown, which isn’t terribly far from Reading. Their slushies are amazing.

  2. It’s terribly far from me! I live in Oley, we need one in Berks!

  3. Well said, Ang. I haven’t been to Captain’s Cove, yet. Where is that? Also, you forgot to mention that we have a AA baseball team in the Phillies franchise (that’s the Phillies that won the world series last week) and our Railroad industry (which no longer exists) has been made immortal by monopoly. Who would not want to live somewhere that shows up on the monopoly board???

  4. Sonic is coming soon!!

  5. The Captain’s Cove is on Hill Rd, in Lower Alsace Township, Reading, Pa…about a mile up Hill Rd. from Mineral Springs Rd….It is absolutely beautiful! The owners couldn’t have picked a nicer location!

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