Today I landed my 10th job.

1. I now work as a Spanish tutor for a 11th grader who is in Spanish 1. 25 bucks/hour – yeah I’ll take it!

2. I work at Sweet Street as their marketing mailroom coordinator

3. I work at Penn State Schuylkill as their inter-faith campus coordinator (new title) lol

4. I work at Yellow House Hotel as a server, occasionally.

5-10. I work at Gravity Bookstore as their marketing wiz doing event promotions.

Now if I could just find a job (that doesn’t require 8 hours of computer screen staring ) to pay like like 40k a year so I can move out and get out of debt…well you just let me know if you have that for me!


3 responses to “jobs

  1. You’re all over the place! We went past the Schuylkill campus on our way to Jim Thorpe today and I was surprised by how far you drive to work. Sounds like a cool job, though!

    I’ve always wanted to eat at the Yellow House Hotel…I know my parents have. What’s good there?

  2. nice! sweet job, congrats =D and agreed about the money and what not. i need a better job. i mean, it’s great and all, but not for the rest of my life great. yet i cannot seem to leave…. haha. funny how that works.

  3. Can I have one of your jobs? LOL

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