This is my problem.

I get really really excited over things, that’s why I can NEVER go Christmas shopping early. If I see something is perfect for you, I will buy it now and cannot contain myself enough until Christmas to give it to you. Today I bought the greatest book ever! I am so excited. I’m reading it right now and will probably finish it within the hour; it’s friggen hilarious. I want to buy it for a few of my friends in fact, for Christmas. I want to blog about it right now because I think its so great. I want to scream atop the hilltop so everyone knows.

Seriously, there is something wrong with me.

I am going to contain my excitement and NOT tell you all about the sweet book I just bought. I already told 2 people, and so that’s all I’m going to tell. Just wait until Christmas when I give it to my friends that this book applies to, and by then, I won’t be excited enough anymore to tell you what this was all about. So there, I just wasting 2 minutes of your life explaining my ridiculous situation which has no conclusion nor explanation.


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