“Independents” & “Moderates”

I call myself a moderate. I know plenty of people who call themselves independent. What do both group have in common? They are both secretly republican. “Republican” is like a bad word. Just say it, and you will immediately be attacked by agents for change. As a republican, you are the bad guy, you are against change and ultimately you are unpopular and wrong.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been having a fair of amount of conversations with people who would identify themselves as either Independents or Moderates, but waa-laa! They are voting republican in this election…and they did in the last election…and they pretty much will continue to do so for their entire lives. But, they’d rather tell people they’re an independent. Who could blame them? It’s like saying “I believe in the possibility of extra terrestrial life” without coming out and saying “I believe in aliens”. People freak out if they think you believe in aliens – but no one will bat an eye if you believe in the possibility. I personally think aliens do exist. Anyone else?


3 responses to ““Independents” & “Moderates”

  1. i definitely hear what you’re saying – i can see that happening. If it’s any consolation the same thing happened to dems and republicans 8 years ago and beyond – after the clinton/monica lewinsky debacle, if you said you were a democrat you had no morals, after Reagan if you were a republican you were greedy and only out for yourself, and after Carter, if you were a democrat you were just a total moron! It’s cyclical – it will change again…

    meanwhile, how do you get your blogposts on facebook? i’m just clueless…xo

  2. thanks for the help – it worked!!

  3. I’m an indie who voted Democrat twice now. Holla. And I believe in the possibility, but undecided upon if they are real, for real

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