…Yeah, that’s my boyfriend

That’s one. Here’s another: “We’re engaged. Getting married in December”.

What I’m about to tell you is a true story.

I enjoy meeting new people. I go to Koinos Community Church (koinoschurch.org). I usually try to track down new people that are around my age to greet them and invite them to my community group (which is one of the small groups). In the past 2 weeks, I’ve seen a new couple each week, a guy and a girl about my age. In fact, both weeks, the couple has sat either in front of me or behind me. I take it upon myself to be their friend – lucky them.

I go up, and introduce myself. I know how this game works. You say hi to the girl and start a conversation with her because if I would talk to the guy – the girl would think I’m trying to be a man-stealer – which I am not. So, I begin a conversation with the female. Both cases, the guy is out of earshot.

Week 1: I say “Hi, my name is Angela, what’s your name?”… she responds “Yeah, that’s my boyfriend. We’ve been dating 2 years”.

Week 2 aka last Sunday: I again, say “Hi, my name is Angela, what’s your name?”. Her response?
“We’re engaged and getting married in December”.

Not – oh my name is ______. Instead – they feel it necessary to tell me the status of their relationship. This happened TWO weeks in a row. That is ridiculous. I actually laugh out loud when I think about it.

I hope to see one of those two girls next week at church. I will ask them how their week is going and if they ask me the same, I will respond, “I really like gravy on my chicken. But don’t worry, I won’t try to steal yours. I can very well find my own.”


3 responses to “…Yeah, that’s my boyfriend

  1. No I would totally start the convo off with some random fact about yourself that they didn’t ask for and then jus walk away LOL… sike that’d be really mean LOL but… its rude to not answer someone’s question… or to not say hello…

  2. Oh, wow. I’m going to laugh out loud too when I think of this. Although if it happens to me, I would respond by saying “Hi, Yeah-that’s-my-boyfriend-we’ve-been-dating-two-years! I’m glad you came today, but do you have a nickname?”
    For the engagement one, I would have to say something like “Oh, that’s a shame, all my December is previously engaged. I would love to see it!”

    See, my mouth gets me in trouble!

  3. well, she’s terribly insecure but here’s why – you’re gorgeous!!

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