Life Update – December style

    I’m moving out! This January, in approximately 29 days, I will relocate to an apartment in Reading, right next to the 10th & Marion elementary school near Albright College. I’m moving in with my friend Megan who I know through InterVarsity. Basically I’m excited to be closer to everything in Wyomissing and closer to work at Sweet Street. While I will be sad to leave my parents, I hope that the move will help me build more relationships with friends and family closer in and around the Reading & W. Reading area.

Rent is cheap and the apartment is pretty cute. We just have some wood-paneling walls to figure out how to make beautiful. But, I’m excited to have a place where people can come hang. Don’t worry. House party/themed party will be planned soon. More details to come.

I paid off my car last week and received the title in the mail yesterday! This is one of the reasons I’m not concerned financially about moving out. Unfortunately school loans hit me in T minus 16 days. Booo.

The rundown: I work at Sweet Street & Penn State Schuylkill.
At Sweet Street I hold the prestigious position of “Marketing Mailroom Coordinator”. I ship out marketing materials to brokers and sales managers. I work in a mailroom. But, my hours are super flexible and I often get free dessert. Not a bad gig.

At Penn State Schuylkill I am the “Interfaith Campus Coordinator”. I basically do religious activities – I work with the Faith groups on-campus, more specifically work with the Christian organization, Faith Alive, and the soon-to-be Interfaith Council. I organize rides to church and am working on the structure of faith things on-campus, what’s needed and how much. I also staff campus events. Nothing like getting paid to watch a movie or see a comedian. This is a pretty sweet job although it definitely has its challenges.

I have no idea what’s in store for me next year. I would love if my Penn State job turned full-time. If it doesn’t, I’m hoping to apply to a job at Alvernia College for the next college school year working in Student Activities. Basically I’m just praying for guidance from the Big Guy Upstairs and asking for doors to open wherever they may.

I do marketing for GRAVITY Music.Books.Art ( I am looking to take some djembe lessons from my friend Andrew hopefully like once a week (it’s an African hand drum that I’ve wanted to learn how to play forever!). I started to meet with a Spanish speaking man from Sweet Street to do an “intercambio” where we speak in English and Spanish so I can get a better grip on the language and hopefully become fluent someday.

Because my Penn State job only runs when school is in session, I will have off from Dec. 12-Jan. 12. Therefore I will be working more at The Yellow House Hotel, my long-time waitressing job, hopefully as many hours as I can. AND I will have lots of free time, as I will only be working 4 hours a day at Sweet Street. So, if you’re reading this and you’ve made it this far down this post and still care about what I’m saying, you are obviously a real friend and we should hang out. Hit me up in between those dates and for sure, we can catch up

Thanks for reading – Peace.


3 responses to “Life Update – December style

  1. Exciting… your little insert about real friends caring is funny because most of your REAL friends would already know all this stuff about you and therefore wouldn’t need an update LOL (AND its kinda what I was talking about last night but maybe you were just too tired to understand LOL) I’m just kidding sounds fun… you know what would be REALLY fun? If we did actually get to hang out sometime in between Dec 12th and Jan 12… that would be like super exciting

    Oh and congratulations on paying off your car that is super exciting I didn’t know that 😉

  2. question? LOL… why is your time off? Can I change it? LOL

  3. i knew you had a couple jobs but i didn’t realize you had as many as you did. that’s pretty sweet about the time off and i am pretty jealous.

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