And my two new favorite songs are: (drum roll, please)

1.Chris Cornell – Scream

2. Guster – Center of Attention (not the actual video but still enjoy the song)


4 responses to “music

  1. I like the music for both of them… not so sure about the words to either song… or at least the concept behind them… but of course you can like them 🙂

  2. Ang, you getting into Guster? So pleased!

    And Ashley, Guster’s music is incredibly sarcastic, ironic and tongue in cheek, which is how this song should be interpretted.

  3. Oh thanks Charlie that makes the song much better really! 🙂 I like it now…

    I don’t think there’s nothing you can say to make me like Scream though LOL I looked @ the words and really just don’t like it

  4. Charlie. I’m so excited to have a Guster cd of my own thanks to you!

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