I’ve seen tons of billboards and commercials. Wawa claims to be Coffeetopia. So I went into Wawa recently, altering from my normal Sheetz location. I walked over to the MTO and was atonished to find that coffee was not in option…at all. In fact, they only have it available in the pot.

I understand they may have 15 different kinds of regular coffee available – that’s neat. But, calling themselves coffeetopia is a bold claim when they don’t even make lattes, frappecinos or chai. Please, Wawa – call yourself Coffee Haven, Coffee Hub but Coffeetopia is too big of a claim for what you have to offer. Sorry.


On another note with coffee. I really enjoy going to Starbucks to get their speciality drinks, but what is up with their plain coffee? How do people drink that stuff, it tastes like bold chalk.


3 responses to “Coffeetopia?

  1. Hahaha… You know I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like starbucks regular coffee… I thought it was just me not being a coffee drinker because that’s when I got it before I got really into coffee… but now I just know I don’t like their regular coffee… like and I just think its the way they make it or something because I bought their coffee grounds and made their regular coffee @ home and it was perfectly fine… much better than theirs in fact.

  2. Also I love how this post automatically generated your other post about coffee as a related post LOL

  3. I can’t say much in regards to Wawa or Sheetz. i usually find their coffee is not made strong enough for my taste save a select few flavors. However, I can completely agree with what you’re saying with Starbucks! And I have a theory why their coffee tastes bitter and acidic like they accidently poured the whole bag of coffee beans into the pot. Starbucks is known the world over for their specialty drinks, not their coffee. And you can only sell regular coffee for so much before people will go elsewhere for it. But if the high-priced specialty drinks are where it’s at, you can charge through the nose and people are actually paying it!

    That’s my two cents. MMMmmmm now i could really go for some DD or McDonald’s coffee…

    – D

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