10 Signs Your Life Revolves Around Facebook

1. “Can I have your number” is replaced by “Do you have a Facebook?”
2. You profess your undying love to inanimate objects such as food, fictional characters and sometimes even real people through your Facebook status on a daily or hourly basis.
3. When planning to take pictures, you sometimes plan the name of your Facebook album before you take out your camera…so the pictures can match it, of course.
4. When you’re bored, you refresh your newsfeed to see updates…like every 10 seconds.
5. The first thing you do when you experience a dramatic event in your life (such as The Phillies winning a World Championship or your favorite character on Lost dies) you, first, update your Facebook status.
6. The worst thing that happened to you last week was when your X friend de-friended you on Facebook.
7. The worst thing that happened to you in the last few months is the new Facebook.
8. You joke about the fact that you say things outload like JK, OMG, LOL, LMAO, but you’ve been saying them for a few months now…
(warning seek immediate help if you exceed more than five characters when speaking in chat)
9. You spend more time playing around on Facebook applications that speaking to people in person.
10. When you like someone, you spend more time looking at their Facebook page than you do having actual conversation with them.
(If this is true, congratulations! You’ve reached first base – Facebook friends.)
If more than 1 of these situations apply to you, you should probably stop spending so much time on Facebook. If you can add more intense examples to this list from personal experience, please share below & seek immediate counseling.

6 responses to “10 Signs Your Life Revolves Around Facebook

  1. Ok lets see… 4, 5 and 10 (don’t tell no one) I’m guilty LOL Thankfully thats all

  2. how bout my fav, #11… you think about facebook so much, you create a top 10 list describing its vices 🙂 But i must say, that first 10 are pretty good!

  3. i agree. creating a top ten for facebook. there might be some problems here. good one daryl.

  4. Ok ok… to my best friend’s defense there are much worse signs of being addicted to fb than creating a top ten list… I for one know for a fact that she’s on fb less than me and fb doesn’t rule my life!!! 🙂

    Secondly there was this one time when I was awake all night cuz I couldn’t sleep so I was logged onto fb but on another site doing something else when I get a fb chat message from a friend who’s asking why I’m up… when I tell them they tell me that they’re up because they had a dream about something on fb and woke up and had to check it… Talk about needing medical attention LOL

    I guess another would be to refer to facebook as fb 🙂 LOL yes I’m guilty there 😉

  5. Haha #7 makes me laugh… *gasp* it’s the NEW Facebook!! Dun dun dunnn!! It sounds like a dirty word. And yet no one has actually left Facebook like they all threatened to do… curious… proof that addictions are not so easily cured.

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