2009 Christmas list

I know, this is has probably been on your mind since my last post. You just can’t wait for the updated version. Well, the time has come.

1. To be out of college debt. I plan to do this by next year at this time. So if my habits are somehow cheaper than usual, that’s my excuse.

2. To have a full-time job or a job that provides health insurance , that I can not only enjoy but feel like I’m impacting the lives of others.

3. That my dad’s side of the family would just forgive eachother and not let money and pride break up our family.

That’s my list. Oh, and also, I want Rock Band.


One response to “2009 Christmas list

  1. I don’t know how I’m just seeing this…
    Way to ruin your non-material list wit asking for Rock Band LOL jk πŸ™‚
    What system do you want Rock Band for?
    I want Guitar Hero 3… and DDR πŸ™‚

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