My Advice Column

By popular request , I am beginning a limited series where folks can write in and ask my professional and correct answers to your problems. Think Dear Abby – but Dear Doctor Angela.

I will now take your questions. You can comment them or message me.


6 responses to “My Advice Column

  1. I get my advice from you for free 🙂 LOL Wonderful privilege of being your best friend LOL

  2. Dear Doctor Angela,

    Why aren’t there any decent single guys left in the world? Why is there an overabundance of decent single women? This issue is distressing me greatly, not only out of concern for myself, but for others like me.

    Single in Saginaw (not really)

  3. Oh that’ll be a fun one!!!

  4. Dear Saginawist,

    We’re asking the same about you.

    Swingin’ in Oregon

  5. Dear Doctor Angela,

    What is the secret to your coolness? I mean Strongbad can’t touch you. I think it will really help me with the ladies…


    Envious in Anchorage

  6. Ok I have one…

    Dear Dr. Angela,

    Why do parents think they know everything? I mean seriously they weren’t born knowing how to parent… AND they don’t go to parenting classes… so they definitely don’t know everything ESPECIALLY when they’re not taking their direction from God…. I want to be a good daughter and follow the commandment of obeying and honoring your parents but how can I do that when they DRIVE ME CRAZY?!?!?!?!


    Mad in Young Adultville

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