The woes of the city

Today I walked out to my car and found my window busted in, with glass shattered across my two front seats. My glove compartment was wide open, and surprise, my GPS was gone.

I admit that I’m a person that trusts people a lot and can sometimes be unaware of lurking danger. Until it happens to me, I can be pretty oblivious. Part of that is because it’s hard for to understand why people do awful things until I see it done…so I try to pretend it doesn’t really happen (lots of these things are way more awful then my car or GPS).

Tonight I got back from my parents house and I was walking to my apartment and I just felt really unsafe all of a sudden. Every other night, I would just walk back to my car thinking that it was a beautiful night and singing the last song played on my stereo. Tonight, I was convinced that someone was going to jump me, and I started thinking about what I was carrying and how much it would suck to replace it when I got robbed.

I can understand where stereotypes start about the city. It starts with a break in.


7 responses to “The woes of the city

  1. looks like I’ve got some knees to break. So sorry to hear about this Ang….

  2. Oh no… disaster… Praying against fears of the city and that your car will be fixed in a timely manner and that it won’t cost too much… and that it won’t happen again!

  3. Ooh. That’s not cool. Hope it doesn’t cost too much to repair.

  4. I hope that everything else is going alright at your new place. It is an awful feeling knowing that someone took your stuff. It makes you wonder what makes someone do that?

  5. crack cocaine would be the answer.

  6. You haven’t written a post in awhile… is it cuz you’re busy?

  7. Yeah, ditto to Ashley. The world is in legitimate suffering here without your wisdom and coolness, Angela.

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