Woes of City #2

My car got broken into again. I wasn’t going to post about this at first, but there are some striking similiarities between the two incidents…some of it seems kinda creepy, some it makes more sense.

Both times:
1. I was sick for two days and missed work.
2. I parked in almost the same parking spot.
3. I walked out to my car with dirty laundry in hand.
4. I did not have to go to work until later that day when I walked out to my car.
5. I walked out to my car with Megan.
6. It was a beautiful day when I discover my car, but it precipitated within 24 hours (while I  have no window).
6. The first time I went home to exchange my car after it  happened, my little sister tried to sell me her volleyball teams sweat pants, the second time, I went home my sister showed me her new team sweat pants that she happened to be wearing, and asked me if I wanted to buy a pair again.

I get more frustrated that my car is not safe regardless of what’s in it…maybe they will start breaking the window for the fun of it.

This time they stole my stereo. My iPod was in my center console and when they hopped in to rip out my stero, they threw back the center console and my iPod flew in the back seat, so they missed it, suckers.   I do plan on changing where I park for now,  but there is nothing left for them to take. I will start carrying my iPod around so they can’t take it if they do break in again.

I will say, it’s almost refreshing having these material possessions ripped from me.  As much as I liked them, they weren’t really necessary. I will do just fine with my factorytape deck…and just as well with Mapquest…ok that’s a lie – Mapquest sucks..


One response to “Woes of City #2

  1. Well that’s weird about those similarities… Maybe they thought it was abandoned cu it wasn’t being moved… anywho… no excuse… and ditto… Mapquest sucks… BUT some GPSes get you lost… well maybe that’s just my mom LOL

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