Blogging: Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I have almost succeeded in dropping off the face of the blogging world. I’ve been a blogger for about 4 years.

I used to blog very consistenly in college about topics such as: spirituality, day-to-day human observation and whatever other ridiculous thoughts I had running through my brain. Siince then blogging has been on and off depending on how much time I’ve had. I’ve recently found that there have been several consequences I’ve faced simply because I’ve put blogging on the backseat. Here are a few:

1. My writing/speaking skills have dropped off a bit. Because I haven’t been practicing writing especially, I feel like I’ve lost my touch. Writing is something I really enjoy and value as medium of communication and I want to continue to practice and improve my skills.

2. I am not fulling expressing my thoughts and sharing my life experiences in a public way. I like sharing insights I’ve gained through my experiences. I appreciate feedback I receive in comment form. I think there is value in helping eachother on our life journeys and reading/listening to eachother’s stories. We are, in fact, in this life together. It’s best if we try to live that way.

3. A combo of 1 & 2: I really like blogging, probably because I really like writing. It encourages me to entertain intelligent thinking. It’s my outlet.

So hopefully, here I go, I will begin again. I will try to blog regularly, hopefully shooting for a couple times a week. Readers welcome, opinions/comments appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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