I guess I’m not really the person I hoped to be in some respects. When I was a kid and we had to give how-to speech’s, you know the ones you had to produce every couple years; Well, I never felt like I had anything to present on. I loved giving speeches, I didn’t mind even crafting them, but I didn’t like picking what to teach others about. I have no super topic that I can just relay mounds of information about: not music, movies, current issues, football or even basketball. I am interested in each of those topics, but I don’t know any more than the average Joe.

It’s much more fun to have humungo smarts on a topic and I always felt kind of inferior for not carrying an area of expertise or extreme interest. And I don’t think I came up with those negative feelings all by myself, but people rarely mean any harm.

I guess my interest is in communication – writing, speech giving, engaging in spiritual conversation, reading memoirs, learning new languages, observing habits of people and analyzing how that reflects who people are…but maybe not in the outwardly smart ways that I kinda wish I was. I don’t have a super impressive sounding degree (people have told me public relations aka communication is a “jock” major, which unfortunately doesn’t allude to any type of intelligence), I don’t have a popular blog, I don’t even know more vocabulary words than you. But I guess those things don’t carry as much meaning as I want to give them.
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This blog has been and will be my life memoir. I’m too lazy to use a pen and paper and I like the clean appearance of online type. This is the last blog I (hope) to post on Facebook; I think Facebook cheapens blogging, even though that’s probably where you are reading my post. If you want to follow this, all of this ramble and confusion and straightforward thoughts and feelings, feel free to bookmark, stream a feed or just visit, but I’m taking this off my Facebook page completely. I don’t need all my future bosses, classmates, professors, and professional contacts to read these thoughts on my life. Most people aren’t interested in reading some 23 year-old’s thoughts on self-discovery, but I hope to find some people who are.


One response to “communicator

  1. …I am reading. šŸ™‚
    sounds good. you can say this stuff to me in person anytime too! just holler through the wall.

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