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My generation, meet the economy

As much as I’m sick of talking about the state of our economy, I’m going to talk about it right now, because it’s teaching me something.

I’m 23. I graduated college with honors 1 year ago and have multiple part-time jobs. I cannot find a full-time job; I can’t even get an interview for a full-time job. Even ones I’m qualified for.

Many of my friends are in very similar situations. They are working very low ball jobs that there are overqualified for. Did you know the new Red Robin in Exeter had 5,000 applicants, some of whom had their masters degrees, they were applying to be servers.

What does that do besides cause a lot of frustration? Well for people my age in a similar situation as myself, I think it will teach us a little bit about humility.

It teaches me humility to be bossed around by rude customers on a busy Friday lunch where I walk out with $40 and they yell at me for forgetting their coleslaw. It teaches me humility to push around our mailroom cart at Sweet Street, making copies, and shipping out marketing supplies when I’m qualified to be helping make decisions about marketing materials.

Eventually I will move out of these part-time jobs and get a career, but hopefully I will see the people below me in a new light because I was them. I will have more respect for the restaurant cleaning lady who’s done it for 20 years, for the factory workers who can’t find the opportunity to ever have a job in a different field and the people who simply may be below me in a future job.

We are getting a fine taste of what it’s like to be under qualified, unemployed, or just trying to get by. We may complain, we may get upset, but let’s take on some humility.

Eventually we will get our shot and move up in the working world. I hope it is then we can realize that those people in our former positions are no less of people than we are. Let us realize, we are not too good for any job and not above any task. We are all humans who deserve respect, regardless of our careers and our paycheck. Let’s remember that when we reach the top.